Look at the many ways that Builder's CAD Services can help you achieve your goals:

Drafting Services Pensacola
Drafting and Design Services- Residential

Builder’s CAD Services provides permit and construction-ready drawings complete with elevation views, floor plan, electrical layout and foundation plan.  Only truss sheets and the structural engineers review and seal are required and these can be arranged.   Builder’s CAD Services will help you design your new home in an efficient and effective manner.

Custom House Plans

You have the idea of the home you have been dreaming of and need someone to help make it become reality.  Prices vary depending upon the complexity of the design.  Prices start at $0.50/ sq. ft.


Additions,  Remodeling Plans or other Drafting Services

We will work with you and your contractor to create the house plans that meet your requirements.  The difficulty of remodeling projects varies and is normally charged at a rate of $35 per hour.


House Plan Changes and As Builts

Many professional builders have house plans that they want to alter.  Builder’s CAD Services will update your plans at a cost of $35 per hour.  This can be accomplished quickly if the CAD file for the current plan is provided.


House Plan Brochures

Give your Customers and Real Estate professionals marketing materials on the homes you are building in their communities.  Available in simple black and white or more detailed color, brochures are charged at an hourly rate and usually range in price at between $100 - $135 depending on size and complexity.


Subdivision Plat Color Rendering

Artistic representation of your planned neighborhood make your development more appealing to the buyer.  Services are charged at $35 per hour.   


Site Plans

Builder's CAD Services will draw the site plan with appropriate setbacks, utilities and measurements ready for permitting and construction on your property.  Cost varies depending on size and complexity of property.  Site plans are charged at a rate of $35 per hour.  The normal charge for subdivision plot plans is $35.

Drafting Services Pensacola
Other Drafting Services


​If you can describe what you are wanting, we can draw it. 

We take your sketches, changes and red-lined existing drawings and update them into professional AutoCAD drawings.  Pricing  is based upon complexity and normally is charged at a rate of $35 per hour .